Eight questions for believers

1) Were you born into a religious family?

2) How and when did you first become “aware” of the existence of God, or a supernatural power?

3) Had you been born into a family without religious belief, do you think you would still be a believer?

4) If you did grow up without religious belief, what factors made you believe?

5) If the existence of God could be conclusively disproved by the scientific method, would you give up your beliefs?

6) Do you consider the benefits of organised religion to outweigh the importance of whether the claims of religion are correct?

7) Why do you think religions other than your own exist?

8) Do you believe that we exist, as individual human beings, either before our physical conception or after our body dies?


2 comments on “Eight questions for believers

  1. 1) simple answer.. yes. but by the time I was about 7, I would say no. My mother grew up roman catholic >> baptism, first communion, no meat on fridays, church on sundays. My siblings baptised, first communion. I just got baptised. I think we went to church as a family in my early years but no memories of it. Unless I asked questions, religion wasn’t involved in daily life.

    2) I remember searching for God as a child. I’d go to church with friends (like after a sleepover) and wonder why I could not find God there. I think I believed in angels before God as I always felt “something” was looking out for me / looking over me. My mother got books from local priest as well as many books on different religions from local library to appease my questions! : )

    I considered myself agnostic in my late teens, twenties. When my daughter was about 6yo I began to have a definite positive belief in “God.”

    3) Possibly, yes. So many variables, I can’t say definitely yes but I was a curious child that spent a lot of time playing alone. I was always introspective I think.

    4) I was given the freedom to think or believe what I chose to. I did a lot of thinking.

    5) No because my view is a sum of experience and emotion.. less from facts. And I also think God cannot be proven from humanity’s view.

    6) Yes. We each have our own “truth.” Everything is perception.

    7) I don’t have a “religion” but my answer is that many religions exist due to the variety of concepts in human thoughts.

    8) Yes. My view is that we are eternal souls (or beings) and being here in physical form on Earth is just one stage of a never ending story.

  2. Tim says:

    1. yup, i was born in a semi religous family.

    2. around 5 when my parents got divorced. i felt presence of an architect and concept of fate dawned upon me.

    3. i would have believed in some supernatural entity.

    4. i was an atheist for sometime, but some events changed my perception.

    5. no. coz science keeps on amending itself. it has the luxury to change. its pretty elastic which has its pros or cons. i mean science can say today there is no god but 100 years later it may acknolwedge its limitation and rectify that.
    6. not entirely. in some cases yes, but in some cases no!

    7. bcoz this life is a trial. purpose of man’s creation is to manuvre himself through tests towards the truth.

    8. we are indivdual humans in all dimensions

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