What does an atheist believe in?

The Atheist Fool believes in lots of things. Just not God/s.

Here’s a not particularly exhaustive list:

1) Love. I love my partner. I love my children. I love my extended family. I believe they love me back. I don’t need to establish this by scientific inquiry. But it’s not blind faith, it’s what the evidence suggests. I believe I take pleasure in seeing them happy, I have hopes and dreams for them, and I infer from their actions towards me that they share the same feelings. Which brings me to…

2) Reality. I believe that I exist as a human being, and that I and the rest of humanity are part of an objective, physical reality. I believe I am “only” a human being – I was conceived, have lived, and will die, and there my consciousness will end, and I feel no sadness because of that.

3) Nature. I believe that natural explanations of our existence are the simplest, the best, and the most beautiful. I believe that supernatural explanations are unnecessary and superfluous, and that it adds nothing to our knowledge to give them any respectability.

4) The Golden Rule. I believe in treating others as you would wish others to treat you. I believe we evolved by living in societies where mutual cooperation and respect were absolutely necessary to survival, and that these values are no less important today.

5) Free speech. I believe there is little or no benefit to be gained from suppressing people expressing their beliefs. I believe that the best way to combat ideas that you disagree with is by reason and argument, fuelled by passion, logic and evidence. I believe that accepting that others have different ideals to yourself is essential for a free society to flourish.

Of course, as a practising Fool, all these ideas are subject to endless revision. Do let me know what you think.


One comment on “What does an atheist believe in?

  1. Jason Alan says:

    You believe in reality? Sucker! 😛

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