Misconceptions about atheists, part 1.

“Atheists have never been able to prove that God doesn’t exist. And they expect Christians to prove that he does? Not fair.”

Well, no. We haven’t been able to prove that God doesn’t exist. Well done, you.

But this doesn’t mean that atheism is an illogical position. Far from it.

We don’t need to prove beyond any conceivable doubt that God doesn’t exist. We just have to show that the theories of God and creation put forward by religions are false. And evolution, geology, cosmology, all suggest that the claims of religion for God are wrong.

And yes, if theists want us to live according to the Bible, or the Koran, or any other religious law, then it’s reasonable to demand some evidence. If you’re going to insist that we’re all going to hell unless we follow your holy book to the letter, then you’re going to have to prove what you say is true. Atheists don’t do this.

The burden of proof is on the religious, not on atheists.


2 comments on “Misconceptions about atheists, part 1.

  1. Grundy says:

    Don’t they get that wrongly shifting the burden of proof makes Zeus, unicorns, fairies, Big Foot, Batman, and Harry Potter just as likely as their God? I can’t disprove any of them!

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