An emotional case against God

Christian: “Why would an atheist use emotional language talking to a Christian, when they say their position is based only on evidence?”

If only it were that simple.

The god of the Bible rules by fear. Those who refuse to follow are punished – harshly. Rapes and massacres abound.

He grants prophecies in which the infants of sinners are dashed to pieces before their mothers’ eyes. He promises virgins as booty to marauding Israelite soldiers.

The New Testament is little better. Despite the ostensibly more moral contents of the teachings of Jesus, he claims to have come to fulfil the law if the prophets – and the first five of the ten commandments are concerned only with the Israelites’ fidelity to God.

Even when the commandments do get around to “thou shalt not kill”, the rest of the bible makes plain that it only applies to the followers of god. Everyone else is fair game.

The whole thing is topped off with the fire-and-brimstone fantasies of Revelations, luxuriating in the torment awaiting the unbelievers.

Emotionally, then, the God of the Bible is needy, insecure, prone to violent outbursts… if he was a political leader, that would be quite enough to reject him. Disproving the existence of god isn’t necessary to disapprove of him.


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